Meet the Team


Meet the team working together to create a versatile software development industry in Nigeria and the world.

ArtMann Technologies Limited management team is made up of industrious and talented goal getters, with a shared passion of using, replicating, extending and teaching novel technologies.





  • Arthur I. Arokhamoni

    Solutions Architect
    and Developer

    Arthur IbukunOluwa Arokhamoni has extensive experience in applications development. He oversees solutions/products development.

  • Engr. Dr. Joel Ogunyemi

    and Training

    Joel Ogunyemi has extensive experience in instrumentation/control, energy saving and harmonics.

  • Peter I. Peters

    Training, Hardware
    and Networking

    Peter Ilesanmi Peters is in charge of products knowledge impartation, hardware troubleshooting and local/wide area computer connectivity.